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“Thank you so very much for teaching Nick to drive! He is doing very well as he gains experience. You’re the best and we appreciate you!!!”


Parent of Allstate Driving School Teenage Student

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Adult / Foreigners Driver Training (San Diego)

Driving Test
DMV Driving Test $248
(858) 499-0088
Behind the Wheel Driving Training
2 Hours $168
(858) 565-0088
6 Hours $478
10 Hours $788

  • Looking to obtain your driver's license?
  • Have you failed the DMV driving test many times?
  • Too many accidents?
  • Are you a nervous driver and need some help to enhance your driving skill?
  • Instructors will pick-up/drop-off students at their residence.
  • We offer Behind-the-Wheel seven days a week.

Learn to drive safely and defensively from one of the most experienced driver training schools in San Diego. We offer you the best quality driver training to help you with your special needs. Allstate Driving School instructors put you at ease and have the patience and skills necessary to provide the type of learning environment that most student desire.

Over 90% of Allstate students learn to drive on the freeway during their first lesson. We provide a variety of driver training courses ranging from how to take the DMV Driving Test, to quickly developing your driving skills on the road. Our instuctors have very flexible schedules and are available throughout the day and evening, 7 days a week in the San Diego area.

Our goal is to assist you to obtain your Drivers License quickly. A majority of our students pass their DMV Driving Test on their first attempt.

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