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“I am writing this note to thank you for your help in making me a better and safer driver. Your professional experience in the science of safe driving and your ability to instruct your students was most helpful in my passing the driving test.”
Allstate Driving School Senior Student

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About Us

Founded in 1998, Allstate Driving School has graduated over 20,000 students in the San Diego area. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior service.

Allstate Driving School's business has grown over the years through referrals due to its excellent reputation for providing high quality driver education training. We understand that each student is different and our professional and experienced instructors are licensed and certified by the State of California DMV and work with each student to meet their individual needs. Our instructors average over 10 years of teaching experience and attend continuing education seminars to maintain their knowledge on regulation changes, driver safety and rules of the road.

We provide flexible class schedules to allow students to attend driving school at their convenience. Our online driver education allows students to complete their training in the comfort of their own home. Our driver training program is available 7 days a week. And for teenagers, our flexible schedules help parents and students plan classes around their work and school activities.

Allstate Driving School provides:

  • Online Driver Education
  • Classroom Driver Education
  • Behind the Wheel Driver Training
  • Three practice exams developed by Allstate Driving School to help students to study the California Driver's Handbook and to ensure students will pass the DMV Permit test
  • Complete preparation for the student to take the DMV Driving Test

By choosing Allstate Driving School you'll receive the highest quality driver training lessons to meet your individual driving needs


Dee Amanda Wu
Founder, Allstate Driving School

As the Founder and owner of Allstate Driving School, Dee Amanda Wu, has over 15 years of experience in teaching driver education and defensive driver training. Ms. Wu graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with an emphasis on Computer Science. In 1991, Dee landed a job with the Department of Motor Vehicles as a licensing Registration Examiner. She worked for 5 years as an Examiner at the San Diego Clairemont DMV where she issued over 10,000 driver's licenses for California residents. Throughout her career, she has trained thousands of teenagers, adults and seniors citizens pass the DMV driving exam to obtain their California driver's license. Ms. Wu also possesses the special skills to train senior citizens with special needs to pass the California special driving exam with the DMV Driver Safety Unit.

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