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“Thanks a million for your help preparation for my driver test earlier this year. If I have any clients needing driver’s instruction, I will most certainly refer them to you. You’re the best. I am actually a better driver now for having had the benefit of your instruction.”
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Online Driver Education
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Payment Plan Option (Behind-the-Wheel
Driver Training)
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  • Online Students: Please pay online or call for your first appointment at (858) 565-0088. By law, the provisional instruction permit is not valid until you start your Behind-the-Wheel lessons with a driving school. If you do not have your permit, please bring your Completion of Driver Education certificate form to the DMV to obtain your learner's permit then call us for your first appointment.
  • We offer Behind-the-Wheel driver training seven days a week.
  • Our instructors will pick-up/drop-off students at their residence within the San Diego area.
  • Female or male instructors are available upon request. Our instructors are friendly, patient, professional and have many years of professional teaching experience.
The Whole Package
Online Driver Education
Behind the Wheel Training 6 Hours
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  • An excellent and detailed driver's education course
  • Complete the course within a week, study from the comfort of your own home, during convenient hours, and at your own pace
  • You will receive a pink Completion of Online Driver Education certificate form (DL400C) in the mail.
  • The course will satisfy the education requirements needed to pass the DMV Permit test
  • We also offer a Whole package deal that includes online driver education and behind the wheel driver training for students in the San Diego area

Are you ready to get your learner's permit and ultimately your driver's license? First you are required by law to complete the California Drivers Education course. Where do you go to get the best driver's education training in California?

Allstate Driving School has helped tens of thousands of teenagers complete the California driver's education requirements. We teach students how to drive defensively and provide them the knowledge about traffic laws and regulations. Our goal is to help you quickly and easily pass your DMV Permit test and your DMV driving test to get your California Driver's License.

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