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“I am writing this note to thank you for your help in making me a better and safer driver. Your professional experience in the science of safe driving and your ability to instruct your students was most helpful in my passing the driving test.”
Allstate Driving School Senior Student

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Kelly L. Nguyen Kelly L. Nguyen
Driving Instructor
I have been teaching with Allstate Driving School since the school was established in 1998. I have a kind heart, patience, speak very softly, friendly, and have an easy going personality. My specialty is preparing students to pass the DMV drive test. When students step out of my car, they always turn back and say [Thank you!]. I am very dedicated to my job, my philosophy is not only to teach students to control their car, but also to learn the practical knowledge and keep their attention on driving safely and defensively on today's busy roadways. It is greatly rewarding for me to see my students learn to drive, and enjoy our driving lessons.
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
Joshua L. Watts Joshua L. Watts
Driving Instructor
I teach Behind-The-Wheel as well as in-class driver's education , while teaching Driver's Education in the classroom, I have amassed knowledge about traffic laws which has heavily influenced the way I teach and quality that I bring as an instructor. I am an easy going, patient, and calm instructor. I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the DMV drive test, and can give my students all the necessary tools to pass their driving exam. I take great pride in teaching my students to drive in a defensive, calculated manner.
Training Vehicle: Corolla Hatchback SE
Thomas J. Kinzer Thomas J. Kinzer
Driving Instructor
I have been a part time instructor with Allstate Driving School over the past six years. I have worked in the education field for over 18 years teaching Special Ed students. Over that time I have worked with students individually or in group settings alongside parents and other educators. I have been a California licensed driver in good standings for over twenty years. I have the patience to work with any teenager driver new or experienced. I enjoy listening to all types of music, and I also play the drums in my spare time.
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
Mayela Stuart Mayela Stuart
Having a good knowledge of the rules of the road, coupled with defensive driving habits allow my students to be safe while on our busy roads and freeways. I have been an instructor with Allstate Driving School for the past 10 years. My lessons will provide my students with all the information they will need to become safe and defensive drivers, as well as a complete understanding of what the DMV will require to pass a driver's test. I am a very easy going instructor who gives clear instructions, and remains calm during high stress situations. I am bilingual and speak English and Spanish.
Doan Quach Doan Quach
Driving Instructor
My name is Doan Quach. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience in training student drivers. I am friendly, patient, and calm while instructing. I am looking forward to teaching new drivers how to pass the DMV road test. I will use all my knowledge and experience to help my students become defensive drivers, calm behind the wheel, and confident in their decisions.

Training Vehicle: Toyota Camry
Lorena Quevedo de Rosas Lorena Quevedo de Rosas
Driving Instructor

My name is Lorena Q. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. I have been a driving instructor in the city of Los Angeles and Pasadena and I now live in sunny San Diego. I teach people with a heavy emphasis on the rules of the road as well as safe and defensive driving tactics. I have experience teaching both minors and adults. To become a safe and skilled driver it takes practice. The more you learn and practice, it will prepare you to be amongst the safest and skilled drivers. Together, we can understand the daily challenges we have as California drivers.

Training Vehicle: Toyota Camry
Santiago Villanueva Santiago Villanueva
Driving Instructor

I am a former law enforcement officer in Peru and have previous driving instructor experience in Virginia since 2013, which helped me to be an easy going and calm instructor when teaching students, and help them become safe and defensive drivers. I will make sure to instill these ideals to my students to help them understand and pass the CA DMV driving test. As a part of the All-State Driving Instructor team, let me assist you to meet your goals, and become a confident diver with defensive driving skills. I am fluent in Spanish.

Training Vehicle: Mazda 3
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