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“I am writing this note to thank you for your help in making me a better and safer driver. Your professional experience in the science of safe driving and your ability to instruct your students was most helpful in my passing the driving test.”
Allstate Driving School Senior Student

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Seniors (San Diego)

Driver Training
Behind The Wheel Driver
Training 3 Lessons
(1 1/2 hrs each)
(858) 565-0088
(858) 499-0088
Behind the Wheel Driver Training
1 1/2 Hours (One Lesson) $168
(858) 499-0088
  • Are you a resident of the San Diego area and have had your license suspended by the DMV for medical reasons (ie; Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Stroke, Epilepsy, Seizures Diabetes, Alzheimer's, or Dementia)?
  • Were you referred by a policeman or your Physician to take a DMV Special Driving Test and have a Special Instructor Permit issued by the DMV's Driver Safety unit?
  • Do you need to just brush-up on your driving skills?
  • Looking to maintain your independence?
  • Do you need to learn how to pass the DMV Driving Test?

Allstate driving school can and will help with your driving situation. We will do everything in our power to help erase the bad habits developed over a long driving career, and help you succeed in passing the DMV Driving test. Our professional instructors are experienced DMV examiners who specialize in Senior Driver training and will make you feel very comfortable behind the wheel. They know what it takes to work through these issues and either will get you back behind the wheel or improve your current driving skills.

For more information about our Senior Programs for the San Diego area , contact us at (858) 565-0088 or

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