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“Thank you for being an awesome driving instructor. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all your encouragement and tips for safe driving. I had a blast!”


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Teenagers - Behind-the-Wheel Training

Behind-the-Wheel Training Six Hours Payment Plan
Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training First Lesson 
Payments for 2nd and 3rd lesson  
$148 each

Payment Plan Option

By law, the provisional instruction permit is not valid until the student starts the first lesson of the Behind-the-Wheel training with a driving school.

  • If you have received your provisional instruction permit from the DMV, please call us at (858) 565-0088 to schedule your first appointment.
  • If you have not received your provisional instruction permit, please bring your Completion of Driver Education certificate form to the DMV to obtain your learner's permit then call us for your first appointment.
  • Payments will be received at the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd lesson. The State of California requires all teenagers to complete six hours of the Behind-the-Wheel driver training before they are allowed to take the DMV driving test.
  • Behind-The-Wheel Driver Training will be offered seven days a week.
  • Instructors will pick-up/drop-off student at your residence.
  • Completion of Driver Training Cert (OL238) will be issued on the third lesson.
  • Under this payment plan NO REFUNDS will be allowed.

Cancelation Policy

A $45 service charge will be due upon receipt for all no shows and/or lessons canceled without 48 hours notification in advance. All duplicate certificate issue will also be charged a $25 service fee.

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