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“Thank you so very much for teaching Nick to drive! He is doing very well as he gains experience. You’re the best and we appreciate you!!!”


Parent of Allstate Driving School Teenage Student

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Teenagers - Behind-the-Wheel Training (San Diego area)

Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training Six Hours
Pay in Full  Six hours
Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training
Payment Plan Option Available

By law, the State of California requires six hours of behind the wheel training for teenagers to obtain their license. The Behind the Wheel training is carefully designed to teach San Diego students to drive safely and defensively. Allstate also prepares their students for the DMV driving test by familiarizing our students with situations and obstacles that they will see on their DMV driving test.

Students will learn the following necessary skills to pass their DMV driving test Course outline:

  • Becoming familiar with the automobile
  • Learn basic driving skills
  • Understanding blind spots and how to deal with them
  • Driving within the posted speed limits
  • Courtesy on the road and how to share the road with other motorists
  • How to parallel park next to curbs
  • How to safely handle a vehicle in high density traffic situations
  • Maneuvering and controlling a vehicle along curves and hills
  • Freeway/highway driving
  • Detailed preparation for the DMV Driving Exam

Remember: Maintaining a good driving habits along with a positive attitude and patience are the keys to safe and defensive driving.

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